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  Northwest Powerlines - Electrical Power Line Construction and Maintenance

  Company Overview

  Northwest Powerlines is an electrical powerline construction and maintenance company,
  established to service Western Power, Horizon Power and other independent companies in
  the construction and maintenance of their overhead transmission, HV and LV power lines.
  Northwest Powerlines is able to undertake an unlimited range of work on overhead power
  lines involving wood, steel and concrete poles and lattice towers.

  The company employs an experienced crew with Darren Illich as company director.
  Darren has extensive experience in a full range of line contruction and maintenance work
  from his employment directly with Western Power and subsequent projects under our former
  Company name.

  Northwest Powerlines has completed LV, HV and transmission works for Horizon Power
  throughout the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia, with a large focus on the
  upgrade of communities.   This also includes our underground division with directional drilling
  and attachments associated with all aspects of underground services.

  Northwest Powerlines adheres to strict company policies.  Our Health and Safety,
  Environmental and Quality Policies guarantee all aspects of Northwest Powerlines are
  delivered to the highest and safest standards.

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